What’s Microblading ?

Whether you’re born with naturally sparse eyebrows, or maybe you’re guilty of over plucking, or you simply just want to quicken your morning beauty routine, Microblading is perhaps one of the best beauty investments you can make. One of the most popular and beloved beauty treatments these days, Microblading is a unique form of tattooing that allows you to have the eyebrows of your dreams. Yes, that means there’s no more need for filling your brows in everyday with pencils and gels or buying expensive growth serums and having to wait too long to see results! With Microblading, you’re not only guaranteed to get the most natural-looking eyebrows, but you’ll also get one of the most long-lasting results.

How does Microblading work?

Microblading is the perfect solution for those with thin eyebrows, those who want to enhance their natural brow shape, or those who just want to take their eyebrows from ordinary to Va-va-voom! The Microblading process is fairly simple and is conducted through a disposable handheld tool made from several aligned needles, which are used to create small lines that mimic natural hairs on the first layer of the skin. For those who are afraid of needles, there’s no need to worry as the needles never actually penetrate the skin, but instead just delicately scratch the surface in the same way that a paper scratch does. Each small line contains pigment that is implanted under the skin and follows the natural hair growth pattern of the brow so that the end results always give the illusion of perfect,full and lush eyebrows.

Our Microblading Salon

Whatever your desired eyebrow style or shape is, here at Sublime Eyes we can create it through the amazing techniques of our in-house Microblading pro, Angel Cisneros. Not only will he give you the eyebrows you’ve always wanted and dreamed of, but he will also take the time to listen to your ideas, give you styling options, and will take care of any concerns you may have about pain during the Microblading treatment. Check out our Yelp page to read his clients’ Microblading reviews about their great experiences, or here’s a quick rundown from Angel himself on what to expect during your Microblading procedure:

On the day of your appointment, we will talk about your vision, see images, then we will map out the desired brow shape so you can see them before they are microbladed or microshaded. The next step is numbing the area, where we will put anesthetic in spray (lidocaine) and gel (lidocaine), letting it sit for 15 minutes then after we will proceed with the Microblading or shading. The process is painless; I will advise you to bring headphones so you’re more relaxed. During the process of numbing your eyebrow area, we will talk about color pigment, as the color chosen is as important as the shape. The actual Microblading process time is short. I do advise that on the first session, we go with less in the amount of hair strokes and a softer color tone so that it’s a subtle and natural start for you. We can always do more on the touch-up session, which will be after a month after your first session. At the end of the first session, I will put antibiotic cream and give you an aftercare package for you to use while you heal.

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Microblading beforer and after
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Angel microbladed my eyebrows and they look amazing! i trusted him because he did my sisters brows and they looked great! he is so nice and the best at what he does hands down i highly recommend him

I have been going to Sublime for about 3 years. The owner Angel is absolutely phenomenal. German does my eyelash and eyebrows NEVER has I been disappointed with the service. I continue to return here for their great service. These guys are like my second family I can truly say they mean so much to me. Please have Angel do your microblading you will forever love it. Thx u guys love y’all always. Sharoll

sharoll microblading testimonialSharoll H, Los Angeles, CA

If I could give this salon 10 stars I would. When I worked in hollywood I would come here all of the time for the Diva combo which consists of threading and a tint and Angel always did a fantastic job. When I started working in Newport it was just too far of a drive to come every couple of weeks but when I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed I knew I had to have Angel do them. He was the only person I trusted for a treatment that would be semi-permanent. It was super easy to get an appointment and the receptionist was just so fun and nice both times that I came for Microblading. But as I had suspected, Angel did an AMAZING job. He’s always been super sweet and kind and two years later nothing has changed. He is very meticulous with his work and makes absolute sure that you are in love with the final product. He walked me through the shaping process and talked to me the whole time during the procedure so that I would not focus on the pain, although it was absolutely worth it! My mom loved them and asked me to bring her in for her birthday which I definitely will.

So happy I trusted Angel with my Microblading !!! Found him on yelp and trust him with the process. Many of my friends warn me of the pain of doing it at other places  but I didn’t have any pain here. Angel took his time, was so gentle and patient about the style I wanted, I’m so happy of the result for summer, thank you Angel!!

My microblading w/ Angel was indeed an experience most definitely a good one.  And as an artist he’s very detail oriented & it’s a skill set if i may add.  I can cross this off of my bucket list & Angel you’re the best!!! Looking forward to my next visit —– Many thanks again 🙂

John S, Burbank, CA

This was my first microblading session ever and I was pretty nervous, but Angel and his team were so courteous and welcoming. My eyebrows were sparse and pretty much shapeless and flat. Angel took such great care in trimming and shaping my brows with a defined arch that I was actually excited about the microblading. He also made sure to let me know just exactly what he was doing before he actually did it. The microblading itself wasn’t that painful – felt like little scratches – and Angel would keep checking in with me to see how I was dealing with the pain. After the initial pigmentation decreased, my brows look the best they ever have! No makeup necessary! I get so many compliments! He’s the real deal! (Also I want to try them for lashes just so I can sit in that cute little princess canopy!)

microblading testimionialJoanne W., Los Angeles, CA
yelp microblading 2018

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