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We are excited to see you again and look forward to creating a safe and wonderful experience for all of our guests.  Please follow these health guidelines when visiting our salon

  • If you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, kindly DO NOT ENTER & call to reschedule your appointment.

  • All areas will be sanitized before & after each guest.

  • Masks & gloves will be worn by our staff.

  • All guests will need to sanitize their hands before service.

  • Guests receiving body services will need to wear a mask.

  • Please always maintain 6 feet of social distancing with patrons and staff members.

Sublime Eyes is a beauty salon with an iconic location in West Hollywood, California. Founded by beauty artist Angel Cisneros, Sublime Eyes specializes in the art of the eye, offering eyebrow micro blading and eyelash services from the ancient art of eyebrow threading to eyelash extensions permanent makeup, and micro current facials. We pride ourselves in excellence: in customer service, in technique and in the enhancement of the natural beauty each of our clients exude.


Angel Cisneros

Born and raised in Mexico, Angel was exposed to art cinema and beauty from a young age. As a child, Angel’s father emphasized the power of proportion and ratio, as a self-taught constructor; and his mother exemplified the power of transformation with her work as an esthetician. Other perspectives would widely influence his later work, and mastery in the art of eyebrow and eyelash services.


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Sublime Eyes is Hollywood’s premier and most recognized shop to sculpting some of the most beautiful eye brows in the industry.

Hollywood’s Most Respected Name In Eyebrow Artistry

The creative process of transforming your eyebrows and look is done here at Sublime Eyes with the utmost care and pinpoint accuracy.  We take great pride and appreciation for being one of the best micorblading salons in Hollywood.  For nearly a decade we have been the “go-to” salon in the city, we have serviced travelers from across the globe and celebrity clientele.

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Here at Sublime Eyes you are receiving not just not only the best service but an artistic experience.

Lash Description

Classic (one-by-one) 125.00
Volume (clusters) 175.00
Hybrid (both mentioned above) 150.00


Classic (one-by-one) 65.00
Volume (clusters) 80.00
Hybrid (both mentioned above) 75.00

Lash Style

Brow Filler 12.00
Eyebrow Filler 15.00
(Fills done on 3rd Party work must be evaluated for cost.)


Lips 7.00
Chin 8.00
Sides 8.00
Full Face 40.00
Eyebrow Threading 20.00
Brow Relaxing 40.00
Brow And Lips 25.00
Eyebrow Threading
(by Appointment)


Facial Waxing 10.00
Bikini Waxing 50.00
Brazilian Bikini Waxing 65.00
Underarms 15.00
Half Leg 65.00
Full Legs 85.00
Chest or Back 40.00
Full Arms 40.00


Diva Combo
Diva Combo

(Threading & Filler)

Diva Combo 28.00


Follow Up Appointment (Only If Needed) 150.00
Post Care Package Included
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Opening Times

Please make sure to book your appointment well in advance due to our estheticians being in high demand. we will be happy to accommodate same day appointments.























Microblading Los Angeles

Who is Microblading suitable for?

Everyone who wants beautiful brows. Microblading fullness, shape, symmetry and character.

Those with conditions where their brows are thin and sparse, can benefit greatly from this wonderful technique that artistically “fills in” and mimics real hair Using this amazing “etching” and deposition of pigment and mimicking hair strokes, every pair of brows are carefully custom designed, including the color Top of the line pigments are used, such as Nouveau Contour (a German company) to custom suit your look

Microblading eyebrows angel


“I have ten years of brow threading experience

and consider myself an expert in designing all

brow shapes. From natural, to bold, to glamorous.

I am passionate about the absolute need for the

individually perfect brow. Microblading is my

artistic choice to achieve that”

Post – Treatment instructions For Microblading By Sublime Eyes

  • Apply the Sublime Eyes provided after care ointment sparingly two times per day for one week following the procedure using a clean cotton swab each time not your fingertips. The ointment is used to prevent infection and minimize bruising Apply a thin layer to prevent excessive dryness. and use a clean cotton swab for each dip into the ointment NO DOUBLE DIPPING
  • Stay out of the sun If you must be outside, wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Darker skin (Fitzpatrick 5 or 6) may or may not hyper pigment (turn 2-3 shades darker) during healing. This effect may take 6-8 weeks to develop if it occurs, therefore for darker skin please wait 6-8 weeks between appointments. even if the brows appear to be too light or even disappear. They can initially appear light and then turn darker/reappear during healing. Darker colors may be used at a follow-up if hyper pigmentation does not occur
  • Ice may be applied the first day following the procedure for 10-15 minutes per hours for a couple of hours, use a clean tissue to cover the ice bag each time.
  • Avoid exercise that causes sweating for 2-3 days.
  • Avoid contact with water (bathing, pools, etc.) for 24 hours, afterward you may gently clean the area with a side soap and water as needed. Avoid water in the procedure are as much as possible until the procedure heals.
  • Avoid makeup, lash/brow tints, and other facial treatments until the procedure heals (5-7 days). Very gentle facial washes and treatments are acceptable after 24 hours as long as the procedure area is avoided.
  • Avoid gardening and contact with animals from 2 weeks following the procedure to prevent infection.
  • Avoid any clothing that may irritate the procedure area.
  • Your permanent cosmetics will begin to turn cracker immediately and for the next 3-4 days. After this, the color will settle back to the original color you chose.
  • It is normal for some people to have pigment scab or flake off. It is also normal if it does not. fading or loss of pigment may occur during healing. There should be pigment under the skin where the pigment has flaked off. If there is not pigment underneath, you may need a touch up
  • Over the next 2-3 weeks, the color may lighten up by 50%
  • Pigment may come off on your pillow while you sleep and may stain linens Use a clean cover that you won’t mind staining this happens
  • Symptoms of infection or adverse reaction may or may not occur They include: excessive redness, swelling tenderness of procedure area, elevated body temperature, rash, or purulent drainage from the procedure area If you experience symptoms of infection or adverse reaction, seek medical attention immediately Please not that some redress tenderness is normal

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