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Sublime Eyes

A beauty salon with an iconic location in West Hollywood, California. Founded by beauty artist Angel Cisneros, Sublime Eyes specializes in the art of the eye, offering eyebrow micro blading and eyelash services from the ancient art of eyebrow threading to eyelash extensions permanent makeup, and micro current facials. We pride ourselves in excellence: in customer service, in technique and in the enhancement of the natural beauty each of our clients exude.

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Angel Cisneros

Born in the USA and raised in Mexico, Angel was exposed to art cinema and beauty from a young age. As a child, Angel’s father emphasized the power of proportion and ratio, as a self-taught constructor; and his mother exemplified the power of transformation with her work as an esthetician. Other perspectives would widely influence his later work, and mastery in the art of eyebrow and eyelash services.


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Angel Cisneros