Classic Lash Set

Recommended for first time clients who like a more natural look. Classic

Recommended for first-time clients who like a more natural appearance. This set will allow you to upgrade to mixed or go fuller on your fills. If your natural lashes are sparse and thin, the classic set may not be for you.

Volume Set Lashes

Our Volume Set is ideal for creating a more dramatic image. 2-6 thinner lashes are put to each natural lash with yours truly’s handcrafted fan, based on your fullness need. Fills are unlikely to be required until three weeks if properly cared for.

Hybrid Set Lashes

Volume and individual lash extensions are combined in this procedure. Hybrid Lashes blend the finest features of both techniques to offer you volume and length, but also a wispy, textured lash extension appearance that lasts up to 8 weeks.

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