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Come to Sublime Eyes in West Hollywood, LA for a Henna Brow Salon experience. Located in the West Hollywood Arts District, we offer two separate studios in which you can receive a spa-quality service in a private and professional atmosphere. We are known for our detailed, customized brow shaping.

What Are Henna Brows

Henna brows are not your typical brows that you would see every day. They are unique and custom-made to enhance your beauty. Our professional Sublime Eyes West Hollywood Henna Hair Designers begin by shaping the brows to create shape, symmetry, balance and character. We also use a special color selection of brow tint to compliment your natural hair color and tone.

How Henna Brow Tinting Is Done

Our henna brow artist works meticulously to create beautiful color areas. The service involves using a paste made of herbal powders, cold-pressed organic oils, and clays to create custom colors for each client. When the paste is applied to the skin, the color penetrates the top layer of the skin without causing any harm or discomfort. Our henna brow artist has trained extensively on how to customize this service for every guest that visits our salon.

Who Should Get Henna Brow Treatments

We recommend henna brows for individuals that want to have beautiful colored eyebrows without the use of chemicals or dyes. Many clients that come to Sublime Eyes find that permanent makeup may be too harsh. Henna is much less invasive and does not leave scars when removed.

Henna Eyebrow Tinting Styles

We create your unique eyebrow shape, size, color and design to make you look naturally beautiful. Our henna brow artist at Sublime Eyes will use your natural eyebrow shape as a guide to perfecting your custom brows and finding a suitable henna shade.

Can You Get Allergic Reactions To Henna Tinting?

Henna powder is extracted from henna plants that grow in arid and tropical regions. It is then processed and mixed with natural herbs and clays to reach its final color. Henna powder is completely safe so there is a rare chance of allergic reactions or skin irritations when using henna brow powder. We always lean on the side of caution and do a spot test around the brow area before the artist starts dyeing hair, This will ensure that in case you have sensitive skin there will be no negative reactions.

Sublime Eyes Guarantees The Perfect Brow Shape

There are a lot of services that you can get at our Henna Brow Salon in West Hollywood, LA. We provide The Ultimate Henna Brow Service that includes Henna Hair Dye Service, Expert Design, Shaping and Highlighting. We also offer Express Women’s Eyebrow services if you are on the go.
Our Salon owner and expert henna brow artist Angel Cisneros have been doing eyebrow henna since 2004. He has worked with many celebrities and his henna brow service is one of the most popular in the city. Our friendly staff responds quickly to emails and you will not have to wait too long for a response to book a henna brow appointment.

DIY Eyebrow Tinting, Salon Alternatives.

Angel has recently broken ground with his signature “Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits” that you can take home and use for DIY henna brows or if you are looking to acquire for professional use. Angel Eyes uses a proprietary blend of organic henna dye powder that gets glamorous results! You can always stop by the salon if you want a sample or visit the Angel Eyes website to request a sample in your desired color.

The Best Reviewed Hollywood Henna Brow Salon

Henna brow salons in Hollywood that have the talent, skill, and precision of the brow artists at Sublime Eyes are rare. Since 2004, Angel has been consistently refining each step of the service and continues to learn and train on new techniques that will give you the best and most flattering results every time.

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