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Sublime Eyes has been known for great eyebrow threading services since 2008, and since then we’ve never stopped receiving compliments from our clients about their eyebrow threading experience. Our master eyebrow threaders are highly trained in the art of threading. Along with our great customer service, we will make sure that you leave Sublime Eyes with beautiful eyebrows that will last longer than any other method.

Conveniently Located On Sunset BLVD, In The Heart Of Hollywood.

If you are wondering “Is there any eyebrow threading places near me.” You are in luck because Sublime Eyes is located in the heart of Hollywood. We are right off the 101 Freeway on Sunset and Gardner street. We highly encourage you to try our threading services and we will make sure you leave with the most beautiful eyebrows in the city.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading or brow threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated from eastern cultures in India and Iran and has become popular in Western countries over the past decade. It’s quick and painless , and it works to remove the hair from the eyebrow area so you can get a beautiful look.

This method of removal is used by many because it’s quick and easy, and it does not use any chemicals or irritants to the skin. It only uses light touch at most with a thin thread that removes all of the hairs without causing any damage to the skin or hair follicles.

The Best Eyebrow Threading Salon In Los Angeles

Sublime Eyes is one of the most popular and highly reviewed brow threading salons in LA for a reason. Our top-trained threaders are very friendly and will work with you to create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face depending on what look you are going for. We have threads that are different thicknesses depending on the length of hair that needs to be removed. We also recommend that you get your eyebrows threaded every two weeks, and make sure to avoid waxing, tweezing, or using any other chemicals afterwards because it can cause damage to your skin.

Come visit our eyebrow salon today. We accept walk-ins but it’s best to call ahead to book your appointment because the store can get busy during peak hours.

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