Sublime Eyes Is Your Hollywood Waxing Center

Not only are our soft waxing services gentler on the skin, but they also offer the quickest and most efficient results. Our soft wax removes hair from the root for a clean, flawless wax that will keep you smooth for weeks to come. Our perfected body wax process has got you covered from head to toe.

Pre-Wax Prep: Don’t tan or shave the area you are having waxed before your appointment! We need that hair to be at least ¼ inch (about the length of your lower lashes). Let your hair do its thing, and we’ll take care of the rest. Post-Wax Care: Usually, your wax will last for three to four weeks, although everyone’s regrowth rate is unique! The right post-wax care will keep your skin smoother for longer. Ask your waxologist about the best way to keep your newly waxed skin beautifully smooth as long as possible!

Create Perfect Eyebrows With Our Waxing Service

If you want perfectly waxed brows look no further than Sublime. Our eyebrow waxing services take care of all the details for you. No more stressing over how to get that perfect shape or trying to figure out how to make your brows look amazing. Sublime’s eyebrow waxing center will get the brows you’ve always wanted!

Eyebrow Waxing Service: Eyebrows can take a beating from daily life and we aim to create perfectly shaped brows every time, leaving your brows looking full and natural while removing any stray hairs and unwanted fuzziness.


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